White or red

An elegant combination

White or red, Flocs de Gascogne are the elegant combination of two thirds fresh grape juice and one third young Armagnac.

Discover the passion

The convivial atmosphere of Gascony

Every bottle delivers a lively fruity perfume that reminds us of the sunshine, the flavours and the convivial atmosphere of Gascony.  Each glass tasted invites you to discover the passion of the producer or merchant and it is his or her passion that gives originality and distinction to each Floc de Gascogne.

A lively fruity perfume
Choose your favorite
When you discover a Floc de Gascogne

You discover the winemaker too

So when you discover a Floc de Gascogne today, you discover the winemaker too : up to you to choose your favourite !

Région Occitanie
Floc de Gascogne