Confit de canard shepherd’s pie with Floc de Gascogne

Dish Time:

45 min   Difficulty: Easy   Cost : Average

Ingredients for 4 people :

  • 4 potatoes (about 1 kg)
  • 2 legs of duck confit (preserved duck)
10 cl of white Floc de Gascogne – chopped parsley
  • 75 g of butter
- 250 g of veal stock

Recipe :

Peel the potatoes and cook them in boiling water.  During this time, break up the duck legs without the skin.  Heat them up I a pan.  Remove them from the pan and deglaze it with the Floc de Gascogne.  Add the veal stock and leave it to gradually reduce.

Once the potatoes are cooked, mash them with a fork.  Season with salt and pepper and incorporate the butter and parsley. Stir well.


Fill ramekin dishes with a third of the mashed potato, a third of duck confit and finish with a third of mashed potato. Put in the oven for 10 minutes at 150°C or gas mark 5.

Once cooked, coat with the reduced sauce.