Floc de Gascogne

An artisanal blend

White and Red

The white Flocs de Gascogne have the finesse of the Colombard grape with its citrus aromas. From the Ugni Blanc there is a delicate fresh acidity with aromas of dried fruits and the Gros Manseng delivers a lovely fruity roundness.

The red Flocs de Gascogne are made from traditional varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon with complex perfumes of red fruits; Cabernet Franc with aromas of raspberry; Merlot for its lovely roundness in the mouth and lastly, the Tannat for its invigorating lift.

The type of Armagnac chosen for the blend with its different floral aromas (violet, rose and plum blossom) will evidently personalise each of the various Flocs de Gascogne, giving each one a unique charm.

Discovering a Floc

With the statement « Discovering a Floc, is to discover its winegrower », the producers suggest that local Gascons as well as visitors (re)-discover its terroir and taste the various and sometimes very different styles made by the talented winegrowers in the region.