Floc de Gascogne

Often surprising !

Each family of taste has distinctive characteristics

Each family of tastes has distinctive characteristics that allow for different styles of drinking; unusual and fresh ideas that can often be quite surprising ! A journey that can take Floc de Gascogne from its habitual use as an aperitif and into original pairings to tantalise your taste buds during a whole meal. 

The Gourmets

The Gourmets will go very well with the following dishes among others :

  • With Jambon de Bayonne, that melts in the mouth
  • With duck breast with honey and roast figs
  • With semi cooked foie gras marbled with fresh redcurrants, coarse salt and Sichuan pepper.
  • With a fillet of red mullet and little sticks of grilled chorizo served with preserved piccalos red peppers.
  • With maple syrup crepes
  • With a fresh Black Forest gateau!
  • With a raspberry tart and lemon curd
  • With a chilled strawberry soup and almond milk ice cream

The supple

The Supple will delight your taste buds:

  • With beef carpaccio and fresh redcurrants
  • With lamb tagine and apricots
  • With a cherry clafoutis served hot with almond milk ice cream

The powerful

The Powerful will satisfy :

  • With a Bleu des Causses cheese
  • With foie gras, gingerbread toast and pickled figs
  • With a sweet and savoury tagine (spices and sweet potato)
  • With moist chocolate cake filled with black cherry from Itxassou and Amaretto.

Discovering a Floc

With the statement « Discovering a Floc, is to discover its winegrower », the producers suggest that local Gascons as well as visitors (re)-discover its terroir and taste the various and sometimes very different styles made by the talented winegrowers in the region.