Floc de Gascogne

The types of tastes

Discovering a Floc de Gascogne, is to discover its winegrower

The great organoleptic diversity of the grape varieties and the work of each winegrower give each Floc de Gascogne its particular character.  There is not just ONE Floc de Gascogne but MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!


This is why the students in Mr Vincent GIRAUDBIT’s sommelier class at the Graduate school of Hotel trade and Tourism in Occitanie offered their talents to the classification of Flocs de Gascogne by identifying 3 families of taste depending on your preferences :


The Gourmets : soft and fleshy whether white or red, the Flocs de Gascogne in the Gourmet family display lovely fruit with well integrated alcohol. They are a delicacy with a perception of sweetness bordering on patisserie notes


The Supple : balanced and fine, whether white or red, the Flocs de Gascogne in the Supple family are subtle and elegant, offering aromas of fruit and flowers with  great delicacy.


The Powerful : Frank and lively whether white or red, the Flocs de Gascogne in the Powerful family are also quite « warm » with a perception of more alcohol giving enhanced floral aromas of the young armagnac. With a less pronounced sweetness, this family of tastes gives an invigorating tasting experience.


Each family of tastes has distinctive characteristics that allow for different styles of drinking; unusual and fresh ideas that can often be quite surprising !